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Line Up

DJ & Trumpet or Saxophone

Client to provide

  • A hot meal and soft drinks for all band members and crew.

  • A green room for the band to get changed and relax in between sets

  • Parking for all band members and crew.

Playlist Example

Set Timings

Up to 3hrs DJ Set
3 x 30 minute live instrument sets within DJ set

Guide Price

From £1000 + VAT

Sound & Lighting

We ask for all production to be supplied by your AV team. If this is not possible we are able to add on a production package for our own sound and lighting to be supplied for your event. Please get in touch to find out more.


For those looking to be transported to golden hour at the beach club. We will set the soundscape to the event allowing conversations to flow among guests whilst keeping the vibe relaxed yet fun and contemporary.



"Thankyou so much for the awesome music. It was a great party because of you!"

- Zhen & Justin


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